Cathleen was a resident of Argentina for over twenty years and worked with the impoverished of Argentina.


She served as a Mission coordinator for the international interdenominational, multi-cultural, church as well as a Bilingual Preschool teacher in the South American country. She Organized outreach to orphanages, schools, and children's hospitals. Mother of two multicultural foreign-born sons Cathleen also is an activist advocate for Children's issues.


Her youngest recently graduated from the Air Force Academy where Cathleen enjoyed being a Sponsor parent as well as a volunteer to Academy cadets.


She worked as a member of the Colorado Academy Parents Association and Participant Hague Domestic Violence Project.


Cathleen and her sons are survivors of the Hague Convention on Child Abduction and lived for fifteen years navigating the injustices and the badly needed provisions of the International Hague law.  

Cathleen a Survivor of two U.S Federal trials, Interpol, and the loss of her children under International law. She has contributed many opinions and interviews to the media on behalf of families that flee International domestic Violence.


She was known for representing her children's welfare in South American courts and diplomatic circles. A devout Christian and storyteller she is passionate about children's rights and sharing their journey with faith groups and organizations. Cathleen is releasing a real-life account of their survival escape from the Argentine military family, their global reach with governments, and history to Nazi Germany. 


Cathleen spends much of her time with horses and working with children as a massage therapist and advising parents on supporting children in Intolerable situations.