Our story

A secret warning in English at Cathleen’s wedding... 

“Look into the family you are marrying into”...


A compelling true story of an American mother and her two Argentine-born sons living on the run from U.S and International authorities.


From a New Jersey ghetto to Hollywood, Cathleen Pizzutello, the little “Sister” of comics, was warned not to leave her country for a foreigner. However, determined to leave her troubled past behind, Cathleen runs away to the exotic city of Buenos Aires and marries an abusive foreign model.


She soon uncovers her new husband’s military, family's dark secrets, including the Argentine history of torture in South America’s Dirty War, corruption and ties to Nazi Germany, Che Guevara and Castro’s Cuba, and their covert political connection to the U.S.


Facing intense retaliation from the family and the underground dealings of the U.S Embassy, Cathleen and her two young sons escape with the help of her American pastor.


After becoming an international fugitive and receiving a threat from the boy's father,


"I'm going to use your country to get you!"


Cathleen loses her two small sons to a corrupt political system and a flawed Hague law. 


After being taken back to their abusive father in Argentina, her two teen boys take matters into their own hands and plan their own escapes.


This is a story of how a mother’s love can lend the courage to endure unimaginable circumstances and how God can redeem the devastation of many generations.


Wedding at Club Villa Adelina, a notorious Argentine location of Central Naval Intelligence (SIN) during the Dirty War.

our secret meeting place gaucho village.
Cathleen & Dylan (Son) Secret meeting Place in Gaucho Village
Me puerto Belgrado.jpg
Unknowingly taken to notorious naval base/detention camp. Childhood home of mendez lynch families.



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